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"Allow Me to Make Your Day Easier"

Who We Are

Allow Me Errand Service, LLC is a company set out to provide an alternative solution to everyday time consuming task. We always strive to give our customers the ultimate experience. Our services exceed their expectations.

We are built on the belief that customer service is key, which is why our drivers are always punctual, and work hard to establish a business relationship built on trust. Feel comfortable knowing you're in good hands with us!

Kind & Courteous Professionals

Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“They are very dependable and the service is awesome!”
- Sterling Young Newark, DE
“Allow Me Errand Service has given back the time I missed with my children by doing our weekly grocery shopping”
- Justine Allen Newport, DE
“After my knee surgery, Allow Me eased the burden of all the things I was unable to do, all while being kind and courteous”
- Miguel Santiago Wilmington, DE
Contact us in Newark, Delaware, to add a new sense of convenience to your life with our errand services.
(855) 525-5696